Frequently Asked Questions

What was the inspiration behind LNADJ?

Quite simply, the thought that there should be a way to harness the unity, community, & serious fun inspired by dance music, in clubs and globally every night, & to transform that into positive actions which would benefit worthy causes around the world.

What is the aim of LNADJ?

Our aim is to reach out to the dance music community to encourage & enable it to support charitable causes, Changing Lives, Saving Lives.

We can already see the global dance music community getting involved in plenty of charitable work & our intention is to create a focus point where these acts of kindness can be identified and used to inspire others to do the same. We want to become a portal to publicise charity events happening throughout the music world so we can spread these positive messages throughout our network.

The more contributions and collaborations we have with others in the community, the more we are able to highlight the dance community’s ability & willingness to be a positive influence on the world we live in.

We have an ever expanding database of DJs, promoters & a multitude of other contacts to enable members of our community wanting to support charities, to connect more effectively with them. We are also a point of contact for charities who wish to use the dance music community to spread their message and raise more awareness of their causes.

How can a charity benefit from your foundation?

We are here to assist charities in benefiting from the generous and diverse nature of the dance community. With our extensive network within the community we can offer support in a number of areas.

For example, if a given charity is seeking a DJ to perform at one of their events we can communicate on their behalf, and attempt to secure a booking which would suit their requirements.

We are also open for suggestions as to how our skills and network can help them achieve their goals. By identifying specific projects which need support we can discuss ways in which we can help raise awareness and funding.

What charitable work are you doing?

We act as a foundation, which raises vital awareness and funds for charitable causes.  Rather than ourselves trying to do the work, which others are already successfully doing, we are focusing on rallying support from the dance community. 

By researching humanitarian, environmental & social charities, which we feel deliver maximum effectiveness, we are able offer this information to those who choose to support charitable causes.

We have also created projects which have helped to raise development funding for specific projects, donating to a number of charitable organizations including: Nordoff Robbins; Global Angels; Survival International; Drop 4 Drop Foundation; Bottletop; Goodwill Homes; Samasound Association; The Terrance Higgins Trust; The Hepatitis C Trust; APNEEF; and the Ibiza Cooperativa. We will continue to add more organizations to this list and facilitate more support and funding  enabling these organizations to continue with their valuable work.

Do you plan to host’s events?

We decided in the early stages of the foundation that we would be far more efficient by partnering with those who are already in the business of hosting successful events, and offer a mechanism through which they can support charities.

We hope to be able to host our own one-off events as the foundation grows and the resources become available to do so efficiently and effectively.

What charities / events have you been involved with?

We launched the foundation in the UK with a club weekender in June 2010 at Corsica Studios & The Light Bar. This was raising awareness for Survival International.

Then in 2011 Brighton and Hove Pride was a roaring success with over 8000 people in the LNADJ dance tent, where we we helped to raise funds for the Terrance Higgins Trust.

Ibiza Heart Project:

Launched in 2011, and raising funds for a local ecology project called Ibiza Limpia,. It raised over 6000 euros through a partnership with We Love...Space and Space Club Ibiza. Over the following two years the Ibiza Heart Project raised over 30,000 EUR at Space Ibiza, 3700 EUR at The Zoo Project, 1800 EUR at Pukka Up, and 830 EUR at Nassau Beach club

The funds were distributed to 8 separate local and international organisations, including Nordoff Robbins, Global Angels - Cleft Pallet project in the Philippines, Goodwill Homes, Drop 4 Drop Foundation, House The House Community Project, Hepatitis C Trust, Samasound Association, Ibiza Limpia, and the Belief Community Festival.

Our contributions to the Drop 4 Drop Foundation have funded three wells in India, each servicing communities of 1000 people for 10 years. One has been funded by the contributions of LNADJ Ambassador DJ E.A.S.E. - Nightmares on Wax. His collections on a recent promotional album tour for his recent release Feeling Good. He raised over £2000. LNADJ Founder Jonny Lee said:

"Working alongside our Ambassador DJ Ease and Warp records and rolling our methods for raising funds on tour has highlighted a positive example that artists and management teams can be socially responsible and use music as a tool for change. Feelin' Good , Doin' Good!"

As well as funding 20 cleft pallet operations in the Philippines, our donations to Global Angels towards their 'Give a Child a Future' campaign, fed and educated 18 children for one year, costing only £40 per child.

House The House:

Launching our House The House DJ Competition was the main focus for 2012, reaching out to 16-25 year old DJ’s to take part in a nationwide DJ competition and also donate 4 hours of their time to a community project. The project produced 10 national heats featuring 76 competitors, and it was supported by over 100 volunteers. The eventual winner Bryce Fury made history by DJing at The House of Commons Terrace on March 6th 2013, becoming the first person to DJ on the premises. and LNADJ ambassador, Fatboy Slim.

Set For Peace:

The Set For Peace project was created by the Peace One Day movement and LNADJ. It took place on the 21st September 2013, and was represented in 52 countries around the world. Peace One Day reached 470 million people worldwide. 2014 promises to be a significant leap forward in raising awareness.

Smile Britannia:

Urban artists including Nick Walker, David Walker, Inkie, Ryan Callanan (RYCA) and Mau Mau created unique artworks with a Smile Britannia theme to raise money for three great, diverse charities: Smile Britannia, Temwa and LNADJ. 

This project was supported by Mike Weatherley MP who helped to launch the House The House initiative with LNADJ. The event raised over £50,000, which was distributed to LNADJ for it's continued development. To Smile Britannia, a London-based youth art project dedicated to using art as a tool for social regeneration and community. It aims to use world-class graffiti and contemporary artists, and encourage the development of the arts in London youths. And, Temwa who support communities in improving health education services, agriculture, forestry, micro-finance, skills training and schools in Northern Malawi. Registered charity no. 1101090.

Brighton Marathon 2014:

Nine runners completed the course and raised over £7,500 for LNADJ, and were encouraged on the course by a Funktion One sponsored sound system at mile 20. The team will be running again next year to raise more funds to support the LNADJ Foundation. If you want to get on the team for the Brighton 10K 2014, or the full Brighton Marathon 2014, you can contact us at

Where are you based?

We have bases in Ibiza (Spain), and Brighton (UK) which gives access to an amazing network of contacts. Originally the concept was started in Ibiza but we decided to register the Foundation in the UK, the home to many other recognised global charities.

How can a promoter wanting to support a charity get involved?

By contacting us with your full proposal we can suggest various fundraising methods to incorporate within their event. we don't unfortunately have the resources to support every proposal we receive. Email us

Can the promoter choose which cause to support?

Yes, we believe it is vital to our success to allow the promoter to choose a suitable charitable cause which is close to their heart. we do however have a policy of supporting organisations which are efficient with their funding, and in particular, smaller organisations who require funding to develop into sustainable bodies, and/or require more awareness raised of their work.

We are also able to offer suggestions based on our research if the promoter prefers this.

We are international promoters, can we also get involved?

Our aim is to attract as many global promoters as possible to partner with LNADJ and demonstrate the unity in the global dance music community.

We are currently looking for ambassadors to represent LNADJ internationally.

Are there any legal documents to sign?

Yes. For each fundraising event we have a standard fundraising agreement to sign. We also have guidelines which we expect each promoter to follow to make sure LNADJ is represented correctly.

How can I get involved?

Please contact us via and explain the skills you can offer, along with the amount of time you are able to commit to LNADJ.

With so many areas of work, we are sure we can find an area in which your skills will be utilised.

We are grateful for any support as every little helps to make the organisation more effective.

Do I need to work in the dance music industry to get involved?

No! Please see the answer above.

Can we use your LNADJ logo for our event, music release or website?

As long as there is some charitable activity being actioned by the promoter or the artist then we actively encourage this practice. We would like to see our logo appearing on anything which promotes charitable giving within the dance community.

Can we use the LNADJ network to promote our charity event?

Absolutely! We offer full support throughout our social networking sites. By providing us with the details of your event we will make sure it gets maximum exposure on our sites.  In order for our network to continue to grow we ask in return for you to feature our logo and link wherever possible.

How is LNADJ funded?

At present all individuals involved have privately funded the project in order to help it develop, and many thousands of hours have been donated to building the foundation. We are actively seeking sponsorship opportunities & working on a merchandising strategy to finance administration costs. If you would like to donate, fund raise for us or get involved in any other aspect of our funding, please get in touch with us at

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